St. Aloysius On The Ohio

6207 Portage St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

Rectory: 513-941-3445

School: 513-941-7831

Our School

Mission Statement:

Our primary mission as a Catholic school is to assist parents, who are the primary educators, in raising each child with a strong faith-based foundation. Each child's unique needs will be addressed and children will recognize Christ in each other. Each learner will be given the opportunity to meet their full academic potential through a continuously improving curriculum and up-to-date technology. Students will increase their awareness of the world around them by reaching out to those in need through prayer, worship and generously giving of their time, talents and resources. We, the St. Aloysius students and staff, will strive to truly live our faith in our daily lives.

Belief Statements of Education:

We, the faculty and staff at St. Aloysius, believe in educating each child spiritually, academically, and socially in a Christian environment. We believe in living in accordance with Church laws so each child has multiple role models in Christ. We believe in encouraging each child to work to his or her full potential through the use of problem solving skills and technology. We believe respect should be shown in all types of personal interaction. As the educators of the students entrusted to us, we will use our time and talents to ensure all students discover the person God has created them to be.

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