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It has been over a year since Archbishop Schnurr

appointed me as pastor of St. Aloysius on the Ohio

parish. At this time, I would like to provide an

overview of the pastoral and financial position of

the pariah including information on the structural

condition of the church and school building.

There are 263 registered members of St. Al’s parish

with a combined average number of 180 people

attending the Saturday evening and Sunday morning

Masses. The parish savings account amount is:

$133,549.18 and the checking account amount is:

$84,365.49. From July 1, 2022, to June 30th, 2023,

our parish income was $249,512.23 This is a negative

variance of $18,687.77, as compared to budget.


At the beginning of my assignment, I had the

opportunity to meet with the outgoing pastor

Fr. Bryan Reif, business manager Charlie DeZarn,

members of the parish finance committee, and staff

members. Fr. Bryan alerted me to the fact that while

parish finances were adequate for the immediate

needs of the parish there was a very large “historical

debt.” I’m using the term “historical debt” as the

monies owed pre-dated the pastorship of Fr. Bryan

and the management of Charlie DeZarn. The debt

was unpaid assessment owed to the Archdiocese and

it was not exactly clear, at that time, just what the

amount of that debt was. Each parish is assessed 9.5%

by the Archdiocese on parish income. Fr. Bryan

directed that this assessment be paid on all income

during his time as pastor and this has continued during

Fr. Ben’s time as pastor also.

Fr. Bryan also alerted me to the detreating condition

of the church building. As I began my term as pastor,

I asked Mr. DeZarn to arrange for a comprehensive

and professional assessment of the structural

condition of the church building. Mr. DeZarn

contracted with THP Limited to carry out that

assessment. We received the final report on 7/7/23

and I will refer to it later in this letter.


The reason the October 2022 financial report did not

highlight the “historic debt” was because we were still

working with the archdiocese to have an accurate

accounting of what the amount of that debt actually

was and when it was accumulated. It took almost a

year to work through the different accounts, it was

that complex, and until recently it was not clear just

what the amount of the debt was. Over the last year

we have come to a clearer accounting of the

amount of the unpaid assessment which accrued

during the years 2014-2019. After discussions with

the finance office of the archdiocese, and after an

assessment of our own accounting document by

Mr. DeZarn, I can now present the parish with an

accurate financial history of the unpaid assessment

leading to our present debt.

Apart from the unpaid assessment, which is owed

exclusively to the archdiocese, there is no other debt.

As stated above, Fr. Reif and Fr. Ben have paid

assessments due for the years 2019 until the present.


Year 2014-2015

Year 2015-2016

Year 2016-2017

Year 2017-2018








Of more immediate and significant concern is the

condition of the church building.

Last year THP Limited were contracted to carry out a

Building Envelope Condition Assessment of St. Aloysius

on the Ohio Church. The assessment report was

delivered on 7/7/2023 has revealed considerable

issues. The executive summary states:

“St. Aloysius on the Ohio was originally built and

dedicated in 1888, with a bell tower added in 1923

when the original steeple was removed, and a second

addition to expand the sacristy in 1952. The façade is

multi-wythe brick masonry with sandstone accents

and trim. The steep sloped main roof is slate, believed

to be original to the church. Low-slope roofs are

painted flat-seam metal above the main entrance and

at the tower, and EPDM at the northeast addition and

small roof between the slate and the base of the

tower. Various deficiencies were noted at the brick,

mortar, and sandstone. Loose brick and sandstone

noted in various locations at the south elevation are

the highest priority and should be removed prior to

this winter to eliminate potential safety concerns.

Recommended repairs to masonry walls include

replacing spalled and eroded brick, repointing

deteriorated mortar joints, rebuilding the

deteriorating chimney, installing sealant at skyward

joints in coping, applying water repellent to the porous

brick to minimize moisture absorption, and applying

consolidation treatment to the sandstone to help

prevent exfoliation and deterioration at the surface

from freeze-thaw deterioration. Windows need to be

painted to prevent further deterioration of the wood

frames, sills, and trim. The slate and flat-seam metal

roofs have exceeded their expected service lives and

are recommended to be replaced. Application of

silicone roof coating is recommended at the EPDM

roofs to extend the lifespan of the membrane. Various

repairs are recommended to address miscellaneous

issues noted at gutters, downspouts, sheet metal

flashings, and trim.

THP’s Opinion of Probable Cost for the safety survey

and recommended building envelope repairs is


It is estimated that the cost to restore the exterior

structure of the church will be $1,185,000. No study

has been undertaken on the condition of the interior

of the church building. However, you will notice on

the right side of the church interior there is now

significant water damage. This is due to the very

heavy rain we had in mid-July. The church building is

at the mercy of the rain and weather due to the fact

that it has been many years since any pointing and

sealing have been carried out. Our other buildings are

also in need of substantial maintenance. The full THP

report is available in Wolfer Hall and may be viewed

after Masses.


St. Aloysius School building has been closed for public

use for five years now and over Christmas 2022 there

was a flood in the building. The insurance company

estimates that repairs will cost $80,000 and work on

replacing the damaged areas has already begun. The

insurance company does not issue one check for the

estimation of the damage but reimburses the different

repair companies as the work is completed. During

the last week of July part of the ceiling of the school

gym collapsed. The area had already been damaged by

water some years ago and had never been repaired or

replaced. As far as we can tell there was no leaking

from the roof that caused this damage. It seems that

the weight of the soundproof acoustic tiles just

gradually became to much and the weight pulled down

a section of the drywall and tiles. At present there are

no plans to repair the ceiling.

I think it is only fair for me to apprise you of the

condition of the parish and I think this is a clear

statement of our financial and maintenance situation.

We will, hopefully, avoid any further debt, but it is

necessary for us to begin a discussion on the

substantial assessment debt, the status of properties

we no longer use nor can afford to maintain, and the

immediate necessity and cost of repair of the church


Thank you for your commitment to St. Al’s parish over

the years and thank you for your continued support.

We have some very important decisions to make and

so we will first put our needs before God through the

intercession of the Blessed Virgin and St. Aloysius.

Fr. Benedict O'Cinnsealaigh


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